Alcon – Day 1 (04.09.2014)

Every year I try and attend as many events and gigs alike as possible in order to keep be busy, inspired and to help expand my experiences and portfolio. A couple of months back I got invited to Alcon and it the first day has drawn to an end. It’s been a fab day of adventures and whatnot. Made some new friends, met LittleKuriboh ~ who was hilarious on stage as well, had a couple of drinks, captured some awesome photos and I had a good laugh too with my friends as they invited me to go with them, considering half of them are not first timers, they know their way around this anime and gaming convention so I am grateful and happy that they invited me. This year, around 1374 people should be attending which is going up every single year. The con itself has been around for 7 years apparently which is probably the same time frame that I’ve studied and worked in photography for which seems so long ago. Anyways, here are a few photos of today’s adventures so far. 

KING DUCK DSC03125 DSC03148 DSC03162 Littlekuriboh DSC03541 DSC03651 DSC03761


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