Alcon – Day 2 (06/09/2014)

Day two of Alcon is over already and it’s been another top day. We played some computer games from retro to modern on a variety of platforms, we saw shows, attended talks, had too much food and not enough drink! Made new friends once again. We attended the GiggUK Q & A session, a couple of us went on the Cosplay Blinddate which was quite funny. OC Remix  was pretty sound and shame that we missed out on the pub quiz, however the Cosplay Aunction was pretty good which made up for loss time as we saw so many interesting cosplayers. I also met a chap called Sam Palmer who is a 2D Graphic Animator, Character Designer & Comicbook Colourist and I was really impressed by his work. A niche that he has found a good profession to be in by doing what he does best. To conclude, there’s a lot more to go on when day three kicks in. I also acquired my first little ducky 😀 amazing! 

DSC03858 DSC03845 DSC03830 DSC04392


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