Alcon 2014 has come to an end.

Alcon 2014 has come to a close now and we are all sad that another year has gone by. We have all have had a blast at Alcon this year and it was brilliant. Met some awesome people, had a great laugh, took some great photos and loved every single minute of it. I think the best part for me on the last two days were Attack on DUCK (The Duck Panel), Abridgers Late Night Panel, anything related to Little Kuriboh, Clan Battle Showdown & Alcon Charity Gala. There were other things that were really entertaining too but the list can be never ending but these are just top five as highlights of Alcon for me personally. I’m so glad that my friends inviting me to go. I just mentioned the Alcon Charity Gala, because I got out bidded by £10 on a Yu-Gi-Oh figurine with all the Abridgers signatures on it that attended Alcon. Later on in the Gala, I bidded for the a similar thing but of the How To Train Your Blue Eyes White Dragon poster. Luckily a friend next to me chipped in £5 for me so I nabbed it for £105 woo! It was so tense, my arms were absolutely sweating and my heart was racing so fast. I was so excited and happy that I actually won that! My friend Zook/ Sir Andrew who is the owner of King Duck, acquired the stand and tall Alcon poster for £100 which is pretty cool. As for now, it’s goodbye Alcon for another year. I’d like to thank my friends, the staff, the guests & of course, the wonderful attendees for making it such a great experience for me! 


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