MCM London Comic Con 2014

With another convention over and done with, MCM London Comic Con has been a blast! It’s the same time I’ve ever been and I’m grateful that I was able to acquire a press-pass. Many thanks to Gary Burns and David Axbey from the MCM Press & Publicity Team.

I’ve been to a couple of conventions since 2012 but this is my third convention where I’ve taken up the press role where I am hoping to dive into more cosplaying & convention related photography which will allow me to help promote and spread the word of what happens at these conventions and expos that bring a lot of attention and traction to the community which allows people to meet new people and have fun with your friends at these big community events which focuses on things like anime, manga, video games, cosplay and other popular media so people can easily relate one way or another. For myself, anime is still a fairly new things and same goes for comic books but at the end of the day, there’s still time to catch up on all these so I can easily recognise and spot what people are cosplaying as from whatever franchise or series that it might be from.

For anyone that doesn’t know, MCM Comic Cons in the UK was founded back in 2001 by Paul Miley and Bryan Cooney who are both well-known organises within the convention entertainment industry. With the convention being held twice a year, once at the end of May and then same again but in October. On average, at each MCM convention that has happened in London, there has been an additional 10,000 attendees which goes to show how great and big MCM conventions actually are.

Every year, these conventions attract a lot of attendance from people all over the UK and even people from other countries come join in on the fun by cosplaying as their favourite characters or just attending to enjoy the experience for what the convention has to offer with big companies that turn up every single time that can include movie studios, TV stations and other local businesses. One of the main things is the variation of dealer stands and exhibitors that show up as many things you love, you can purchases from these stands which can include comic books, figurines, anime graphic novels, cuddly toys, accessories, key rings, caps, swords, props, t-shirts etc. and the list goes on.

It’s not just all about the whole buying part of things though as you can easily indulge into your favourite video games in the past or games that are out or that will be released in the near future which gives fans a chance to see what they are like in person rather than just relying on beta testing or other peoples’ early reviews or speculation for that matter.

A varied bunch of guests and whatnot turn up year in, year out and this weekend we had Jessica Nigri, Daniel Radcliffe, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, D.C. Douglas, some cast from Teen Wolf and Under The Dome and the list goes on but it brings me to the point that it can be a diverse range of guests from movies and TV series to your favourite YouTubers, which seems to be quite a main stream thing nowadays. You can get the chance to meet your favourite stars, your favourite idols and get a photograph with them and even their signature!

Photography is a passion I have had since 2007 but it’s only in 2014 I have started admire more cosplayers as I have started to get in anime more and attending more conventions. All these has led to building up my portfolio and expanding my clientele which hopefully will lead to actual work in the foreseeable future. I’m excited to work with fellow artists, clients and cosplayers at other conventions. Photo-shoots is a good idea that I will consider in the near future but general overall coverage is the aim to kickstart my photography off at conventions.


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