Winter London Anime & Gaming Con (LAGC) 2015

London Anime & Gaming Con has returned for another great weekend of fun and festivities with it’s expanded gaming area, more VIP guests to meet and activities for everyone to participate in. It was certainly another great experience to remember despite it was only half as long as what Alcon is, Anime League still did a wonderful job with it’s committed guests and staff, organising a fab 2-3 days of convention fun.

Each area was labelled as a zone, where people first entered via the reception area to check in with the staff to seek any queries people might have, the Anime Chillout area which was courtesy of MVM where they screened various animes and films, along with Karoke kicked off at 9pm.

There was also the Arcade Zone with retro sort of games. Cosplay Chillout and Photography, where people could chill out and have cosplay photographs. Downstairs stage mainly includes panels to watch, live-music events and a themed party which kicked off at 9pm. There were also a bunch of Dealers/Exhibitors to buy from which showed a wide selection of toys, sweets, figurines and posters. The seperate gaming building was full of a variety of different gaming tournaments that went on where people got to have lots of fun which was split up as – Indies, Publishers, Retro Zone and LAN Zone.

Moving onto upstairs, there are more dealers to buy from and the main stage where guess panels, game shows, panels and the main events happened. The Cosplay Aunction and Masquerade were my favourite highlights of the weekend. Clan battles are always fun with people competing in various games and tournaments to rack up points for their own clan that they belong to stand a better chance in winning in the clan battles!

My aim at conventions has always been to meet as many new people as possible as each individual has a unique cosplay and some people live near but others have come from afar. Met some really friendly people and made new contacts, as it’s all about the networking nowadays. It’s always interesting to capture new photos of new people in their various cosplays to help boost the amount of readers who take note of who these cosplayers actually are.

Writing has never been a strong suit of mine but I suppose this is why I’m more of a visual artist. Taking time and effort into meeting people and then putting hours on end, during the post processing period. Another convention over, with hopefully more conventions to attend to in the near future.


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