Feature: Mayamada

In this day and age, it’s hard to start a business without a good group of backers and supporters, so a few years ago, Lao K started a KickStarter called “Mayamada: Prime Time Vol. 1” where their aim was to create a grassroots manga/comic based on a collection of stories from their brand Mayamada.

Two years later, a follow up KickStarter called “Samurai Chef Vol 2: Finish The (Food) Fight!” was planned to be the second and concluding volume of this comedy-action food epic.

They raised a lot of money, but not enough to reach their goals, yet to this day, they have done quite well for themselves.

Complete Samurai Chef Print Edition” was successfully funded which is the second and concluding volume of their comedy-action food epic story.

Last weekend, I continued to support their business by purchasing one copy of the Limited Edition of Samurai Chef and I’m only a couple of pages in but I’m enjoying it quite a lot and can’t wait to finish the book of both volumes itself!

The point in all this, is that if people don’t write about them or any other small business, then people will never know about them unless you meet them in person via various conventions that you attend too, which is how I discovered their business venture in the first place back at Alcon 2014 within the Dealers’ Room. This was the first time I met them in person and as for Mayamada, well I read about them in a blog post one morning which led me to start supporting their brand.

They have many new products to bring to Mayamada and I look forward to seeing them in the foreseeable future. Why should you support them? Well truth be told, why shouldn’t you? They have a solid business plan, with a great friendly and creative team with many big ideas to bring to the table in many days to come. They have also been featured in GQ, NEO & Vogue too! I’ve supported them ever since day one and I just want to help them spread the word about all the wonderful products that they have to offer.

You should go ahead and support “Mayamada” with their ever expanding t-shirt collections, sweatshirts, hats, comics and such like. They have a great wide selection for both men and women to choose from.

You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I’m usually not affiliated with blogging/writing usually considering I’m more of a visual artist but branching out is always a good thing by expanding my interpersonal skills as well as, getting to network with new people because that’s just one of the things that conventions are about, it’s meeting new people and getting your own brand out there.


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