The Staves & Flo Morrissey – Live Review

With every glimpse of every gig that I go to, even if it’s at the same venue. The essence, the vibe is different with each act that comes on as they  bring a different stage presence from one act to the next.

With Flo starting the night off with her elegant voice and blissful lyrics in her half an hour set , it certainly sets the mood and tone in the smokey and crowded room. Her talent was absolutely sublime. You could honestly hear a pin drop during her performance. It breath taking to see such a young girl with such raw talent which truly made her the perfect support act for The Staves.

The Staves were even better live compared to when I heard them on Spotify. With their excellent in sync “blood” harmonies, soothing tones and their excellent song writing,  it’s certainly bought a phenomenonal atmosphere that pleased the crowd a great deal. Their music is truly is beautiful, elegant and magnificent. I haven’t been to a big gig in ages but The Staves are truly one band to look out for in the near future with a big music career ahead of themselves for the three talented sisters. One unique thing about this band is that they used some sort of an accordion (at least a more compact boxed sized one by the looks of things)  in some of their songs which is truly amazing as it goes to show old instruments are certainly not neglected and forgotten about.Their natural rapport  between the sisters  lead to some hysterical moments between songs with lines such as “12 Years A Stave” and “50 Shades of Stave”.

So far I think they’ve only had an album and EP out but they’ve got a new album coming  out in March which is something exciting to look forward to. Excited to hear what new music they will bring to the folk rock music scene. To a certain degree, I think they will be the next best thing to HAIM . They’ve also been luckily enough to tour in the US so with that in mind, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of The Staves for years to come in the UK. The Cambridge Junction was the last date of their tour. We got informed that it was approximately 12 years ago when they first started gigging which is quite interesting. 2015 is truly just the beginning of their musical career and I wish them luck every step of the way, showing my support from Musicology ? Online. They performed for 72 minutes and camw back on for an encore for another 12 minutes.


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