Big Geek Meet – Post LAGC Winter 2015

Well there aren’t many occasions where I am not taking photos whilst at an event. During this recent London meet up, I met some interesting new people and caught up with old ones too. I didn’t actually take that many photos but this one in the gallery below, has had a lot of appreciation from a fair few people. It’s a lovely feeling to have when people appreciate and credits you for their work. I just wish everyone did the same, and not just simply steal work without asking permission for use, or paying for said piece that they want ownership over. It’s rude and inconsiderate, most of all, this behaviour should not be tolerated at all, especially in this industry. I am quite passionate about what I do in photography even though I don’t get paid for it on a regular basis, it’s still nice how little things can make you happy. I’ve been commited as a Freelance Photographer for many years and I’m hoping to help more cosplayers out in the future to help expand their fanbase and portfolios.


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