London Super Comic Con 2015

With another weekend just gone by, I’m sitting here with post con blues already. This was the first time that I have ever been to London Super Comic Con and I’m really glad that I did. Thanks to Kean from Smile 250 and Aisha Ahmed for convincing me to go. It was pretty fun and I enjoyed it a great deal with the amount of friendly people that I met, got to work and hang out with too! Below is just a small gallery of some of the photos I captured and edited. I also have additional photos on my Facebook page. I also had the chance to meet Yaya Han and have a quick photoshoot with her which was cool. This month is the seventh month that I have been undertaking cosplay photography and I am really enjoying it so it leads me to pursue to form of photography and work with more cosplayers and togs in 2015 which I am absolutely optimistic for. The next convention can’t come around any sooner.

I’d also like to thank all these people for their time, whether they are an artist, cosplayer or tog:-

LP Cosplay Photography
Sonesh Joshi Photography
Emilyll Cosplays
Sketch Mc-Draw Cosplay
Shades on Productions
Cardiology Cosplay
Battle Bunny Beth
Kenny Cosplay Stuff
Kerry Cosplay
Aisha Anime
Luziver Cosplay & Photography
Evil Bald Genius
RossECobb Cosplay
Yaya Han
Punished Props
Kamui Cosplay
Nikita Cosplay
Pippa 512
Valentine Cosplay
The WInnTeam
Glitch Visuals
Villain Advisor
Smallfry Creations
In2thelight – Photography


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