MCM Birmingham Comic Con (March 2015)

I can’t believe another convention is over and done with already. I had such a fantastic time at MCM Birmingham, it was also my first time going to this particular con. Big shoutout and thanks go to everyone who was there especially:-

LP Cosplay Photography
Sonesh Joshi Photography
Kerry Cosplay
Kenny Cosplay Stuff
Kyahri Cosplay.
Vixen Bite
Warren Fairbairn
Neko Pro
Little Amumu
SakuraKnight Cosplay
dan-dan cosplays
Howie Hobbit
Princess Bunny Cosplay
Paper Cube
Destinywings //Cosplay//
In2thelight – Photography
Glitch Visuals
Luziver Cosplay & Photography
Evil Bald Genius
The WInnTeam

For more photos, head over to my Facebook page.


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