Sony Has a Lot to Offer


So a couple of days ago, Tuesday 14th April to be precise, I was invited along to an event hosted by Gamesradar in association with Sony. The main event was a Bloodborne tournament with the big prize being a PS4 and some other goodies for the winner. Alongside that there was plenty of gaming to be had with a couple of screens set up with the new Mortal Kombat X as well as a single screen with FIFA 15 running (and who can resist a bit of sport when you don’t have to actually go outside and run around). Each controller had a Sony tablet attached to the top of it acting as a second screen to the TV screen, showing off the fact that when your other half rudely interrupts your precious game time to watch whatever rubbish is on the goggle-box, you can simply attach your Sony phone or tablet onto your PS4 controller to use as a screen and simply carry on with your game anywhere in your house whilst connected to the same network. Unofficially of course, people will find ways to remote play in this way through different networks, say at your friend’s house or at work, but I have a feeling Sony wouldn’t push that as a feature as it would likely bring its own set of problems for example the safety of the information that could be shared across the different networks and of course if there was any lag or stuttering whilst trying to remote play this way then people would complain. So as it stands, same network remote play is the angle here for now.

There weren’t just games and PlayStation related tech there though, and what really caught my eye was some of Sony’s new Xperia range of mobile devices. Each device is fully waterproof, there was even a guy with a fishbowl full of water showing everyone how he can leave the phone in there for a few minutes, take it out, and it works completely fine. You won’t even have to dry your screen as it has wet finger tracking allowing you to accurately use your phone with wet fingers or screen. After initially cringing as he submerged the phone into the water I couldn’t help but be impressed with how well it worked even when still dripping with water. Noise cancellation and Hi-Res audio are another two notable features for the phones. The noise cancelling works very interestingly, you put in your earphones and activate the feature, and the phone plays the opposite frequency to the noise around you cancelling out almost all outside noise, pretty nifty. The Hi-Res audio basically cuts out the digital enhancements made to music tracks these days and gives you a sound closer to the classic and personally for me, better, vinyl sound. This particular feature still has a long way to go before it is perfect however it is worth noting.

Now what I’m reluctant to mention is the low-light photo capabilities of the camera. Simply because the guy showing off this particular highlight made me get out my iPhone 6 plus and compare. Needless to say the Xperia’s picture quality came out better than expected. Finally the last cool piece of equipment I got to check out was Sony’s own entry into the new smartwatch craze that has been happening recently. It isn’t cumbersome to wear and the screen is just big enough to hold the important information you would need to view, it can connect to any smartphone that has the latest Android operating system so they are not limiting themselves in connectivity. The watch is the only smartwatch on the market that has GPS tracking and it can trace your steps and when connected to the app on your phone or tablet can show you a map of your activity (where you’ve been, messages, how much time you wasted on Facebook for example). So it seems like it can do quite a bit more than just tell you the time. Also, it is advertised as having the longest battery life out of all the smartwatches, reportedly lasting 2 days before it needs charging.

There was also a Q&A with some people involved in games journalism. The Editor for Official PlayStation Magazine was there answering questions about getting involved with games journalism and other related topics. Personally though for me, I got to see a ton of amazing new technology and features that impressed, and proved to me that Sony really does have a lot to offer in the future and if you aren’t using their products already, then you should definitely check them out and take a look for yourselves.


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