Gig Review: Glass Animals at Cambridge Junction (27.04.2015)

The first thought I had when they came on is experimental and then a couple of songs into their set, it all became quite psychedelic too which are all great words to describe Glass Animals who are a four talented young individuals which includes, two keyboard players & /guitarists,  a drummer and the lead vocalist.

The use of their synths, experimental beats and rhymes, tambourine, melodies mixed in with their on par guitar riffs and drum beats, created a wonderful cycle of melodic and psychedelic vibe to fulfill the lively atmosphere of J2. The main track I recognised was Gooey which was such a spectacular performance.

By the end of their set, it was all quite harmonic and mesmerising, especially the energetic dancing that Dave Bayley (Lead Vocals) put into each song which was quite theatrical to an extent. It was certainly a captivating performance I shan’t be forgetting anytime soon. I would recommend that you see them perform live especially if you haven’t seen them already. 8/10.

They performed for a duration of 57 mins and then including an encore, it was an additional two tracks of around 10 minutes. This review has also been published via Musicology Online.

Their track listing was as follows:-
Black Mambo 
Walla Walla 
Cocoa Hooves 

Love Lockdown

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