Last Weekend – Pre-Alcon Meetup in Leicester

This is the second meetup organised by Anime League that organises their annual Alcon convention that happens once a year for a period of four days in September. Typically within the first week of September and at our meetups we tend to socialise, play games, catchup with old friends as well as make new ones too. It’s a good way to meet up with people on a low scale, in small groups before the wide scale convention happens later this year. There will be 1,500 people at Alcon this year, which is an increase of 100 more compared to last year. I’m pretty excited as it will be my second time attending Alcon this year, working as a resident photographer with various cosplayers and AL staff which is going to be super fun. Last weekend went too quickly as all meet ups do but I managed to fit in a quick photo shoot with Evil Bald Genius and Luzier Cosplay & Photography. It’s also wonderful working with my fellow collaborators as well as other cosplayers too! Photos will be showcased in the near future for sure.


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