Hyper Japan Festival 2015

June is just one of those months where it’s a quiet period where there isn’t much going on when it comes to conventions, at least near where I live anyways. It was nice to have a breather after the previous convention at MCM London Comic Con back in May 2015. We now roll onwards to July, where I attended the Hyper Japan Festival this weekend just gone which was held in three sections of the O2 essentially. There was the first part which was the gaming area, then the stalls, festival stage, J-Culture showcase, food and drinks area which was the second section, the final section consisted of three floors in Building Six, where the Hyper Japan Live Stage, Hyper Gallery and Hyper Maid Retrogaming cafe and J-Bar which were split into three floors. I personally thought that the convention was good, but last year was better when it was held at Earls Court in London.

I think personally it was the amount of spacing there was from each section to the next. Another thing I was expecting was that the gaming area to be more spacious and twice as big, as for the food/drinks area – I was expecting more variety – all in all some parts were a bit half arsed. I enjoyed the variety of stalls that purchased from and some of the stage performances that I had time to go and see. My favourite show that I saw was the HYPER J-Style Collection Fashion Show where I also captured photos for the duration of this show. As for any convention, it’s mostly about the people for me – I had a good time catching up with my friends and working with new and old cosplayers. You can see some of the results from a small selection of photos below. I’d also like to thank EeVee Cosplay for helping me edit some of the photos too who has been most helpful to me. If you would like to see my other photos, they can be found via this Facebook link.


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