MCM Manchester Comic Con July 2015

With another weekend over and done with, it’s another convention down and a sufficient amount of photography work has been covered, working with various cosplayers as per usual and capturing the convention’s atmosphere. This time round – It was my first time going up north and I decided to see what Manchester Comic Con would be like. It was a pretty interesting first time experience. It some ways it felt like how Birmingham Comic Con was like earlier this year. Pretty chill in the early morning and late afternoon but pretty busy in between.

Most of the cosplayers that I got to work with turned up on time which was good so I was happy with the results that I had ended up with and lots of people have been giving feedback and comments which is always nice. Five hours travel is debatable to be honest. I am not entirely sure if I will return to Manchester but wouldn’t mind going again, that isn’t the fault of the con, more of me trekking quite far for a convention itself. The queuing system was pretty efficient which is always nice. It took me 25 minutes to actually get inside via the Priority Entry queue on Saturday morning. All in all I had a good time and mostly had a consistent shooting location.

You can see all my other photos via my Facebook page.


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