MCM London Comic Con October 2015

It’s that time of year again where MCM London Comic Con took over the Excel Exhibition Centre and the three day show saw 130, 560 people attend which surpassed the 122, 600 mark,  that attended back in May 2015. I worked with a wide range of cosplayers but didn’t get much time to check out the convention itself. There were a wide range of different and interesting cosplayers that turned up on each day of the convention. From the Musketeers to Dragonball Z, to the likes of Doctor Who and League of Legends. Saturday tends to be the busiest out of all the three days where the majority of the exhibition centre is fully packed. A lot of cosplayers are mostly there for photoshoots and meetups which often happen outside or to nearer to the back of the exhibition centre. It was a good weekend all in all but not the best weekend for me personally. Still we all learn to prevail and persevere in order to keep creating the art form we love known as photography.


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