MCM London Comic Con (May 2016)

Another MCM London Comic Con has draw to a close and with over 133,000 people who turned up to the world’s third biggest comic con convention which is pretty damn impressive Last year’s stats were – October 2015 being 130,560 and in May 2015 it was 122,600. It just gets bigger and bigger every year. Every time we go to an MCM, even though it might not be the best convention necessarily, myself, the team and my friends really enjoy our time being there. We have a great time together and that’s what is most important. It might be expensive to go to London twice a year but it’s worth saving up for and worth doing especially if you haven’t been before but always remember to book your hotel way in advance otherwise it just gets super expensive as it gets closer to the MCM dates. Plus, remember to buy food outside of the Excel Centre if you want to save money, same goes for purchasing drinks too! I had a really great time working with the wonderful community of cosplayers that I got to meet, both old and new. It’s always a great experience to try new photography techniques and work with different people as well. A lot of people have a lot of hate going on for MCM directly whether they weren’t bothered about going themselves or complaining in general. Y’know with every convention it’s just down to personal experience. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you don’t necessarily need to vent it on social media nor do you need to cause cosplay poltics problemos. I genuinely do believe that I try and get along with everyone, if I have tried and they are hasty against me for no apparent reason then that is that. But honestly, there is no point, just enjoy the convention with your friends and have a good time. Make new friends, buy things that you adore and cherish every moment of all the good times that you have there whilst being at the conventions with your friends.

p.s. If you are looking for good small businesses to support then check out Genki Gear and Mayamada. They are a couple of my top favourite ones to support!

For more photos, pop over to my Facebook page to see the rest.


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