Summer LAGC July 2016

Well it’s been another month or so since the last convention. This weekend just gone I went to the London Anime & Gaming Con which was held at The Rocket Complex in Lower Holloway, London. I had a pretty good time mostly because of the people that I went with. If I’m honest without the friends that I went with plus the new people that I met, I doubt I would ever enjoy it as much as I did. I didn’t have a wide range of photoshoots this time round, nor did I make any bookings. Just roamed about the convention and photographed people as and when I wanted to. It was a pretty good three days. Friday however, it being the first time it was a full day – wasn’t that great due to it being quite quiet throughout the day. That all changed when Saturday came around, as it was pretty busy during 1030 – 1530 ~ which was great to see new faces too. The cosplay masquerade and Harajuku Fashion Show were my favourite events at the convention. I bought some bits and bobs but mostly worked with a variety of wonderful cosplayers. I even got some time to play some retro video games such as Bomberman on the Sega Saturn. All in all I had a pretty good time. I try not to let the negative things that may occur at cons put down my entire enjoyment of the convention. It’s all about having fun, not stressing and enjoying it with the company that you care the most about.

For more photos from Summer LAGC July 2016, head over to my Facebook page.


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