Hyper Japan July 2016, ZSL London Zoo Trip & National History Museum

With another weekend been and gone, it certainly was a jam-packed one as I went to Hyper Japan, ZSL London Zoo and National History Museum with my other half.

First up is Hyper Japan on the Friday which was held at the Olympia. It was a good day all in all but I wouldn’t say it was worth going for the three days. We went round the entire convention within under two hours. I don’t think there was enough to do and see to fulfil both the enjoyment and my time of being there at the con. I’m glad we only went for just the one day – we bought a couple of things, enjoyed some food and some of the performances were pretty cool as well. I must say though that the venue choice was a better choice compared to where it was last year at the O2. Olympia is definitely a better choice as there was enough space to roam about from one stall to the next and there was a nice corner upstairs allocated for food. Another issue I noticed was a lack of seating which was a shame and despite air conditioning felt like it was running in some parts of the venue, it was still quite humid inside.

Next up is the ZSL London Zoo in Regent’s Park – a place I haven’t been to in a very long time, so long ago I was just too young to even remember it. It was a lovely sunny day on a Saturday afternoon. We had spent a good four hours there and saw the majority of the zoo – it was lovely to capture the mixed variety of different animals, bugs and wildlife around the different parts of the zoo. It was a pretty busy day and we were so glad that we bought our own food and drink instead of buying consumables at the zoo in order to save money. We had such a fab day at zoo and we would definitely recommend going if you haven’t been before ~ we shall be going again at some point in the near future that’s for sure. I’m happy with the photos that I captured throughout the due course of that day!

Last but not least is the National History Museum just round the corner from South Kensington Train Station. It was the first time visiting this museum in London and despite the 20 – 30 minute wait it was definitely worth it – it was a pretty big place – we went to learn about the earth, different minerals and gems from around the world, more about insects, fossils, mammals, animals, bugs, insects, just a wide variety of things was all quite educational and interesting. Considering it’s a free admission visit and you only have to pay if you want to store your items in the cloakroom – it’s well worth going to!

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