5th Norwich Big Geek Meet

It’s been around a year since our first Norwich Big Geek Meet which is organised by a few friends (but we mostly thank Jenevieve Parker who is the leader organiser of the group – she has done a absolutely fab job of making arrangements for all the meets that we have had so far) and some are associated with Anime League, who organise regular meets all over the UK, once every few months. With this being our 5th meet up, we had over 200 people turn up at Chapelfield Gardens in Norwich for our meet, where we later on headed over for some more socialising and drinking at the Owl Sanctuary. It’s always good to meet new people and make new friends at meetups especially when you meet people with similar interests, which really gets the conversation flowing. We have a great turn out everytime and I personally have never had any complaints from the attendees. As the lead photographer of these meet ups, I must say that everyone that I have met has been friendly and easy to get on with which is a bonus, especially when you are meeting new people for the first time. If you are interested and are in the area of Norwich and have an interest in anime, cosplay, video games etc, then you should definitely pop by in a couple of months time for our next meet up! It’s all good fun.

For more photos, head over to my Facebook page.


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