MCM London Comic Con (October 2016)

This was probably the least productive convention I have ever been to. It’s such a shame but it happens even to the best of us. What is it you may ask to what I am referring to? Well as you know when writers get writers block and they feel stuck and have great difficulty getting out of a rut. It’s a possibility I have been going to the same conventions for too long and I am getting a bit bored of the same scenery.  A break might do me good but this may just be the beginning. I feel I need to tkae up other forms of photography and editing techniques outside of cons to break free from my usual routine, in order to eventually gain new sources of inspiration and motivation, so I can push myself to pursue my photography ventures.

This was the first convention where I only attended two out of the three days of the convention, which I felt was way too busy on the Saturday to be inside. It gets busier and busier every year . To arrange or even attend meetups was quite restrictive, with the barriers still in place outside and the restrictions where you could only go in through the far left side of the building only. You could leave through the east entrance of the Excel but you couldn’t get back in that way, however you couldn’t leave via the west entrance but you could get in?  I know they keep with the one way traffic system so there isn’t an overflow of people coming in and out via the same route but with the convention getting busier by the year, they certainly don’t accommodate for the amount of attendees to actually move around comfortably and easily. However, I just think as a photographer I just miss a lot of people to meet up conveniently just because it’s actually inconvenient. I’m probably more prone to stay outside to do my job and to produce good work by meeting various cosplayers for photos as long as the weather is good. Indoor lighting isn’t all that great and it gets too busy to take good photos with so many people getting in the way especially and photo snipers too! The main reasons that makes conventions such a good experience is the friends I get to see and to take photos of, but it’s also the new people I get to meet and capture everyone’s costumes and their appreciation for characters that they love and enjoy to cosplay as.

For more photos, head over to my Facebook page.


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