MCM Birmingham Comic Con (November 2016)

With another great convention that has now sadly been and gone ever so quickly, it was yet another awesome weekend of fun working with a wide range of talented cosplayers that I was able to meet whilst attending the convention.

MCM Birmingham Comic Con was based at the NEC which is located adjacent to Birmingham International, and it was so much busier than what I had experienced beforehand.

It’s not my favourite time of year to photograph cosplayers due to the outdoors being so cold, so people tend to stay indoors and the convention halls, unfortunately, consisted of too much orange light to edit out, nevertheless I still managed to capture and edit some good photos of various cosplayers.

There was a whole array of cosplayers that are passionate about cosplaying as their favourite characters from either animes, comics, films, TV shows and video games. Some people tend buy their cosplays, due to either not having the skills or time to make them, whilst others are able to make their cosplays. But, either way, everyone is there to enjoy themselves and have fun, with either people who enjoy the same fandoms as them or their friends.

The Birmingham MCM venue is good for people who want a smaller venue compared to London Comic Con but, Birmingham MCM seems to be just as busy as London during peak times and hours. It’s a good time for people to meet up with their friends as it is much easier to meet with people, due to only having a few areas to meet in.

There were a variety of stalls however the layout wasn’t as nice as London Comic Con, and there were less anime stalls, but there were more independent art stalls for people who make and sell artwork or art pieces in an attempt to get their names further out into the public.

If you would like to see more of my photos, head over to my Facebook page.


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