Hong Kong Day 3

Today I didn’t get up to much. I went to some shops and went to a Chinese restaurant with my parents and with one of my aunties. It was actually a bit chilly today. 10 degrees this morning. It was a bit warmer in the afternoon. I hope it will be warmer when the weekend comes around. It is forecasted to be warmer next week that’s for sure. I visited my grandparents last night for dinner which was lovely, however my grandma is quite unwell at the moment, which makes me quite sad and emotional. Here are some more photos from today and yesterday. I think I am going to Macau in a couple of days time which should be quite exciting, as it is Asia’s equivalent of Las Vegas. I did visit it last time but we didn’t get much time to do much so I think the plan is, is to stay over for one night at a hotel in order to have more time to explore. I might also meet a friend from University who I haven’t seen for a few years.


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