Hong Kong Days 6 & 7

Last night I got back to my auntie’s quite late after our long trip to Macau where we visited various places, had a lot of food and we went sightseeing too. It was really tiring but I had quite an enjoyable trip visiting Macau. We went to the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan, where it took around an hour to get from Hong Kong to Macau via the ship. When we arrived, we went to visit Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, where we visited some of the shops and had lunch at one of the restaurants. “Located at Macau’s outer harbour, within 5-minutes’ walk from the Macau Ferry Terminal and Heliport, this is the largest leisure and themed entertainment complex in Macau Peninsula. With an area approximately 133,000 square meters, the European-themed architectures feature Babylon Casino, Flamingo Casino, a convention and exhibition center, the Rocks Hotel, the Harbourview Hotel, upcoming Legend Palace Hotel, a marina, and dining, shopping and entertainment facilities, creating unique and multicultural experience to visitors from around the world.’

Afterwards we strolled to the Lotus Square to see the Lotus Statue, then we headed to the Sands Hotel where we visited the Casino. We went out to find the bus to Venetian Hotel in order to check in. It’s probably the most expensive hotel that I’ve ever been in. The bathroom was massive and there were two massive king size beds and a living room. The view from the hotel room was pretty amazing. We rested for a bit and then headed out again. We had a lovely lunch buffet at Cafe Deco too where there was a wide variety of things to eat which included: Mostly Chinese food but there was a small selection of Japanese and Indian food too however the coffee nor the tea wasn’t that good at all. We weren’t too sure how to get to the Macau Tower, after asking a few people each person actually had a different view on how to get there, like to take which bus and to take which route. We ended up taking two buses to get there and three buses to get back to the hotel. The Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre, a.k.a. Macau Tower, which is a tower located in Sé, Macau, China. The tower measures 338 m in height from ground level to the highest point and it has a total of 58/61 floors.

The following day we visited the Ruins of St. Paul’s – it’s quite a famous landmark. There were awfully a lot of people in the street and at the landmark but still, it was good to see and learn a bit about Macau’s history. “Ruins of St Paul’s are the ruins of a 17th-century complex in Santo António, Macau, China. It includes what was originally St. Paul’s College and the Church of St. Paul also known as “Mater Dei”, a 17th-century Portuguese church dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle. Today, the ruins are one of Macau’s best known landmarks.” I also got a chance to visit Grand Lisboa and some of the shops near by it. There much more I want to share and so many other places I want to visit but there just isn’t a sufficent amount of holiday to do everything. I’ll share more of my adventures soon enough. I still have a few days left in Hong Kong, but when I get back home eventually I shall have to edit and post some of the photos that I captured on my camera of the wonderful sights of Hong Kong and Macau.


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