Cosplayers Upon The Horizon – Part 1

With the cosplay scene in the UK getting bigger and bigger by the year, I thought I would share some cosplayers who I personally think deserve more recognition for their craft, time and effort that they put into their cosplays.

The first cosplayer I’d like to tell you about is MW Cosplay a.k.a. Michael.

MW Cosplay has been making cosplays and weapons for around 6 years. His more recent cosplays are made out of EVA Foam, and most of his cosplays take around 5 – 6 months to prepare and make which can cost him up to £200.

Michael’s most recent cosplays have been Primal Groudon from Pokémon, Roadhog from Overwatch and Mecha Khz’Zix from League of Legends.

He normally takes two cosplays with him to each event, but with his recent cosplays, he will be trying to wear them more than once and he’ll be entering the masquerade competitions.

His main source of inspiration is Kamui Cosplay and Punish Props Team as he really admires their work as they like to help out the community via web tutorials.

Michael’s cosplays typically stand out in the crowd, which you can really tell from the time and dedication he puts into his craft.

If you want to see more of his work, head over to his Facebook page.


Edited by Amelia Evans. 


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