Cosplayers Upon The Horizon – Part 2

With great cosplay, comes great recognition. In this day and age that we live in, it’s usually word of mouth that seems to get the message out on almost anything. With a wide range of cosplayers out there, meeting up, hanging out, and getting to know one another, there are always people who are just starting out with making their own cosplay and do deserve more recognition than what they currently have, due to the core fundamental skills, hard work and dedication they put into their craft.

I would like to introduce you to a cosplayer called No Heroes Cosplay a.k.a. James. He is a cosplayer who has been making both cosplay and props with a very accurate eye to detail. He has been cosplaying for around two years, but has been making his own cosplay for about a year and a half now.

James makes almost everything out of EVA Foam as he finds that it’s the easiest material to work with and it is fairly cheap too. His most recent cosplay was Titan from Destiny and it took him around a month to make and put together. James is currently in the process of making the helmet to go along with it and planning to put LED lights inside it to make it light up. James has been trying to attend more cons recently but doesn’t plan too far ahead, he mostly attends London cons now.

Sometimes James goes to con with a friend who is an exhibitor called – CharmingSushi – who he helps set up booth-wise at conventions, I also recommend you visit her store at

James’s main source of inspiration is from video games as that’s what he loves playing. He said that he would find it difficult to work on a costume of a franchise or something that he’s not into, as he says he would lack the enthusiasm for it. No Heroes Cosplay is very good with his craft and he is very passionate about what he does, and you can easily tell from the finished pieces of cosplay that he wears and displays.

James is a very talented individuals who has his own unique set of talents and dedication to bring to the table of cosplay craft. I wish both No Heroes Cosplay well and I hope that their fanbase grows with the cosplay community that expands every year at any convention.

You can find more of his cosplay via his Facebook page.


Edited by Amelia Evans. 


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