Fuzzballs – Interview

I recently went to MCM London Comic Con and during that time I visited both of the Fuzzballs stalls, one based in the north hall and one based in the south hall. I met Marc, (the man behind Fuzzballs) and during post show, we had a quick interview regarding the business and how it all begun. I enjoy supporting local businesses and contributing where I can. You should definitely check Fuzzballs out if you haven’t seen their wide range of cute products they have on sale via their store.

How long has it been running for?

Fuzzballs has been running as a comic for nearly four years now!

How did it start?

Fuzzballs first started in mid-2013 as a tumblr comic I started for fun. The first animation of a bouncing bunny got a few likes so I made another, and another and gradually kept adding new characters and comics as it grew in popularity.

At the end of 2015 due to the popularity and much fan requests we launched our first range of Fuzzballs products including shirts, prints, necklaces and more. Since then it’s grown massively thanks to the support of new and old fans who just can’t get enough of our cuteness overload.

What are the aims for the future?

To keep giving what our fans want, that means more new comics and more new products. Theres dreams of games and cartoons but until that day happens long in the future we just hope to keep getting Fuzzballs noticed, getting bigger and better. We’ve already got a few stores stocking our products but the plan is to get them into many more. We recently launched a brand new range of kawaii note pads as well as mugs and travel passes but theres still many new products we want to make. The one we really want to make most is some kind of book, so keep an eye out for more details on that sometime in the future.

But if you know someone who’d like some cuteness in their lives or has a store that should totally stock Fuzzballs then let them know!

What products do you sell?

Lots! Theres over 130 different products at last count spread over 10 different ranges. Are you ready for the list? There’s T-Shirts, hoodies, necklaces, keyrings, stickers, prints, badges, tote bags, mugs, travel passes, Note pads, memo pads, greeting cards, plushies, phone cases and soon dresses and a few other surprises!

What’s the plan for future events?

We’re planning for Hyper Japan in the summer (come and say hi!) beyond that we are looking at the winter shows and of course next year. Just follow our Facebook or Twitter to see where we’ll be next and what new things we will have!


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