Mayamada – Interview

As some of you may know, I enjoy supporting local businesses alike. Afterall, the best key to getting people to buy from your business is word of mouth. In this day and age that we live in, it’s the first point of contact that is important to connecting people especially when it comes to social media. If people like your product, they will buy it and share it with others too.

Another recent interview I had recently is with Nigel, who is one of the co-founders of the clothing brand: Mayamada! I have known him for a couple of years now where I have shown my support at the various conventions he has been exhibiting at, as well as on social media too.

How long has it been running for?

Mayamada has been running since 2011. That’s when we first came up with the concept of a television network universe with an anthropomorphic cast of characters.

Our first manga didn’t come until 2013 though, it took us a while to get going! But we’ve released at least one manga every year since then.

How did it start?

We actually started the brand after a failed attempt to create a different brand with some friends. It had the same name, but nothing else was the same as it is today.

There was a lot of enthusiasm at the start, but after 18 months or so it wasn’t really working so we stopped doing it. After that, the initial group of five became just two: myself and Lao.

We took a step back and thought about a real brand concept which is the manga universe we have now. Once we had that, we went on the search for an illustrator to work with and the rest is history!

What are the aims for the future?

We want to continue telling stories and get better at writing them. We have a whole universe of characters and stories, but only three books out so there’s a long way to go! Our aim to grow the brand so we have a bigger positive impact and inspire creativity in others, particularly young people.

We’ve also put more focus into our social gaming event GamePad. Our aim there is to make gaming more inclusive and fun for everyone. We’ve made a good start in building a diverse community of gamers and we want to keep growing the event and getting more people involved in playing games together in the real world.

What products do you sell?

Our main products are our manga books and right now we have three available Samurai Chef, Hot Lunch: The Outer Circle, and Serious Volume 1. Each one is a separate story that exists in the mayamada universe.

Alongside the manga, we sell t-shirts, jumpers, kid clothing, hats, and accessories all featuring our characters.

What’s the plan for the Kickstarter and future GamePad events?

The idea behind the Kickstarter is to get more people involved in social gaming and hit our goal to allow us to move to a bigger venue for the summer event.

We think gaming should be more inclusive and over the campaign we’re excited to get people in London and internationally to join to discussion and share their favourite gaming memories.

In future we want to keep growing GamePad, run it three times a year and have a real impact on the gaming industry. Gaming today is often seen as a disconnected activity done by individuals online but we want that perception to change!

You can discover the variety of products that they have on sale via their online store. They can also be found via their Facebook page and on Twitter too.


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