Norwich Gaming Festival 2017 – Review #NGF17

This festival happens once a year in the Norwich Forum and there is also a large marquee set up just outside the Forum. It was also the first year where they had run the cosplay masquerade and there was a reasonable about of contenders. I visited the marquee area of the festival with my fiancé and there were a few retro games consoles to play on, a wide selection of nostalgic games to purchase and a small stall of American sweets and drinks. After we had looked around the marquee, we headed inside to the Forum and had a browse around the main part of the festival where there were more games consoles and computers to play retro video games on, it was quite a busy Saturday, in fact, when we visited it was the final day of the festival. Downstairs in the Forum they had some VR video games set up as well, but unfortunately you had to book to use them. For a free event it’s not too shabby, and it was a nice day out, but we only ended up spending a couple of hours there, as the event is still quite small.

Edited by Amelia Evans.

For more photos, see my Facebook page.


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