Hyper Japan Festival (July 2017) – Review

On Saturday 15th July 2017, we visited the Hyper Japan Festival and this time it was held at Tobacco Dock which is near Shadwell Overground in London, UK.

This was the first time that we visited Tobacco Dock and our first impressions were that it was quite warm and busy inside. All the stalls, and live shows were mostly separated by various individual rooms within the venue. It was definitely much nicer for the festival to be held here compared to when it was held at the O2, as each section was seperated from each other.

In terms of selection of things to do and buy, there was a lot of variety regarding Japanese culture, food, drink and performances. If you wanted to just buy stuff, there were sections and areas to do so both upstairs and downstairs.

There were lots of posters advertising both this festival and the Christmas market festival in November throughout the venue. There were also maps which were stuck up onto most of the walls, so even if you were lost or didnt have a small copy of the map you could still easily locate areas. The map was colour coded and split into four different areas, which were Culture, Fashion & Kawaii, Game & Anime, and Food & Drink.

The queues for food were very long throughout the day.  We had to wait at least 20 minutes for our chicken skewers when we went for lunch. However, it was Saturday so it’s definitely the busiest time of any festival, convention and or event.

My personal difficulty was locating the toilets. There weren’t enough clear signs to where they were located, even if you had a map.

Our original plan was to work with cosplayers but there was unfortunately not a lot of them around. There weren’t suitable photo shoot areas to take photos in. However we did manage to get a fair few photos of the event.

Our favourite show was at the Hyper Live area, when Hibiki Ichikawa and Akari Mochizuki performed their Japanese Folk Show. We absolutely loved it. They put on such a great show.

Some of favourite stalls to mention are Fuzzballs, who have a wide range of cute animal related merchandise, ranging from shirts to mugs, badges to notepads. Head over to their online store to see more.

The next stall we wanted to mention is Eva’s wonderful little stall which was based in the Fashion & Kawaii section at the festival. Click here to see her store. She sells a range of badges, notepads, bags and such like. Everything she sells is her own creation and we try to visit her every time we go. She has recently started a Patreon too!

The final shout out go to Nigel from Mayamada. This is a business who I have supported since day one of their launch, when they begun their little business venture. They create their own manga comics and sell a good range of different jumpers, shirts and caps for a wide demographic. They even host their own Gamepad events where they allow people to come join in, to play video games and socialise with other people, in order to make new friends and share common interests. Check out their online store here.

We as a team like to support small businesses because without word of mouth, other people wouldn’t know of them. Of course with bigger businesses, they have their own advertisements. Where as small businesses find it much harder to get by.

Overall, we had a really great time at the Hyper Japan Festival, even if we only went for the day. We would definitely recommend that you go to this event, especially if you haven’t been before. Despite the lack of air con in most areas, you get to experience a lot of different things such as food, drink, games, culture, live music and fashion.  It’s actually very good for the price to get inside. Works out around from £17 – £25, depending on the day due to sessions.

Edited by Amelia Evans.

You can find the rest of my photos via my Facebook page.


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