Belgium Holiday

Earlier this month, me and my fiancé went on holiday together for the first time. We decided to visit the beautiful city of Belgium. We stayed in Brussels and we visited both Bruges & Antwerp.

I took so many photos on both my camera (1,000 +) & on my smartphone too (probably over 500 easily). Too many photos to go through however I did manage to edit a small batch of them to share with the world. I mostly edited in Lightroom this time round and some minor ones in Photoshop.

I think one of the first things we noticed, no matter where we went, everywhere was so clean. It was spotless, even in the outskirts of the city, it was so nice. We went there for a week and wish we could of stayed there for a longer period of time. It was way more affordable to stay there for a week compared to staying in London. No doubts there.

Each day that we spent there, we tried to do something different or visit somewhere new at least. We went to a wide range of art exhibitions, museums and shops.

When we visited the beautiful city of Bruges, we had to travel around an hour on the train to get there. We spent most of our time at The Markt and within the surrounding areas. All the architecture and history behind Bruges was all very interesting. There were a wide range of restaurants, shops and museums to visit. During our day visit, we managed to visit the Salvador Dali Exhibition and Historium Brugge. Both were quite good experiences. Quite different from your traditional type of English museum that’s for sure. There was one main thing which took us forever to find, but my fiancé really wanted to see the horse and carriage, which eventually we did find and managed to go on a 30 minute tour for 50 Euros and it was worth the price.

During our visit to central Brussels, we managed to see the Grand Place, the Museum of Natural Sciences, Mont des Arts and we also visited Maison Dandoy, where we had such sweet waffles and hot beverages for lunch. They have been around since 1829 and it is an absolute delight to visit for their lovely drinks and snacks, but it’s not something you would have every meal to be honest, as you will understand once you taste the amount of sweetness that are used on top of the waffles. Chocolate lovers definitely need to visit Maison Dandoy though. It’s such a lovely tea room, where you can take away or sit in.

When we went up north to visit the city of Antwerp, we thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Antwerp Zoo, which is literally located next to the Antwerpen-Centraal railway station. This park is actually the oldest animal park in Belgium which has been around since 1843. We definitely spent over 4 -5 hours at the park as there was so much to see. We had such a fab time there. Probably the best zoo and aquarium experience that I’ve ever had.

We had so much fun at Belgium’s number 1 water park which is called Océade, where we spent a reasonable three hours there. They had a swimming pool, various slides, Jacuzzi, saunas too. Afterwards we visiting Mini-Europe which was quite a spectacle for a miniature park of the EU (self explanatory).

There are so many highlights from our experiences of Belgium but hopefully the photos that I will share with you, will give you a glimpse of our adventures whilst staying and visiting the wonderful country of Belgium.

It’s definitely recommended if you want somewhere to go on holiday that’s within the EU and not too far away from the United Kingdom.


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