Edinburgh Holiday

Earlier this month, I ventured to up north to visit the big city of Edinburgh. My dad wanted somewhere to go and this was his choosing. We stayed in the heart of Edinburgh for five days, visiting a few of the local attractions and had a variety of food too.

I had only tried haggis one time ago and this was my second ever time having it. I actually quite liked it. It reminds me of eating stuffing as it has similar texture.

The first place we visited was the Edinburgh Castle. It was quite a busy place, with loads of history to learn of how the castle was used back in day, going all the way back to the 1600’s. It was quite interesting to learn about how things have progressed over the years since the war. It is a beautiful castle on the hill and so many parts of the castle to explore.

During our time in Edinburgh we had also visited the Museum of Scotland. It was such a huge museum where we did not have to pay an admission fee to get in. The museum was divided into seven parts and even getting only half way round, we were pretty tired. There is so much to see, to the extent that it is probably one of the biggest museums I have ever visited.

The following day we visited the Edinburgh Zoo, it was a bit of a underwhelming visit as we were there during the autumn season, we didn’t see the pandas, lions or tigers however this isn’t the fault of the zoo. They still had a fair amount of animals to see, who all seems quite active and happy in their environment.

On the fourth day we visited the HMY Britannia, it was bit more of a trek to get there, however it was a lovely visit. It is known as the Royal yacht Britannia and it was the former yacht of the British monarch – Queen Elizabeth II. This yacht was in service from 1954 to 1997. A big part of the royal family’s history. It was such a beautiful and wonderful ship to see both inside and out which had such lovely decor and interior design.

Overall, it was a nice visit to Edinburgh. Not my favourite of places to visit however part of the issue was visiting at the wrong time of year. Whenever the next time will be, I hope I can visit again to see the other attractions that the city has to offer. I’ve always wanted to experience the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer which I hear is such a delight.


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