MCM London Comic Con October 2017

As another MCM London Comic Con draws to a close for 2017, this one was definitely an eventful one. With many different photoshoots arranged throughout the weekend, the majority of my shoots were arranged for the Saturday so I had less arranged for the Friday and Sunday, due to travelling and wanting to do a little bit of shopping. It was a pretty great, yet long and tiring weekend but it was great to work with old cosplayers as well as new ones. There never seems to be a suffice amount of time to hang out and see everyone, but it was a pleasure to both work and talk with the people that I did manage to see.

This was the first London Comic Con, where there was a recent announcement that ReedPOP will join the MCM family to bring bigger and brighter events to future conventions. I found out that ReedPOP actually manages huge conventions around the world including New York Comic Con, PAX Australia, Twitch Con, Pax East, Pax South, Shanghai Comic Convention and many others. So hopefully great things are to come from future Comic Cons!

I think personally, the next convention I will be attending won’t be until the next MCM London Comic Con in May, as I can’t make every convention, even though that would be nice it’s not ideal in reality. Conventions are fun and all, but they require a lot of organising and they get quite tiring too. I have some other things and events to focus on right now, but I will share my photos when they are finally edited.

Click here to see the rest of my photos.



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